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Elijah Craig 10yr Single Barrel 

We're happy to bring another single barrel of Elijah Craig to DC in early 2018. This time we selected a 10yr barrel. Additional tasting notes and where to purchase to follow. 



Our single cask of Kilchoman is a 6-year ex-bourbon expression. The barrel itself hails from the Buffalo Trace distillery and based on the flavor profile, we're guessing it used to hold Blanton's. While definitely a unique expression it is another fine example of the amazing quality of scotch coming out of Kilchoman, and we're happy to share it with all of you! 

Nose:  A forward hit of malt that quickly dissipates into a bouquet of vanilla and caramel, with a hint of orange peel. 

Palate: While peat seemed to be missing from the nose, it plays a leading role in the first act of the palate. However, this whisky's second act mixes the peat with a sugary, carnival like sweetness. 

Finish:  The finish is medium-long and follows through from the palate. It combines the sweetness of both young peat and vanilla with a sugary richness that invites you back for another sip!


Our first single barrel of Elijah Craig bourbon was a 9-year Kentucky Straight Bourbon, and the first single barrel of Elijah Craig in D.C!  We were thrilled to bring this barrel to D.C. and to share it with all of you. It is currently sold out, but still available for pours at our Partner Bar!

Nose:  Big, bold flavors of caramel and vanilla pop out immediately.

Palate:  An initial softness coats your mouth, followed by a wonderful balance of oak and sweet vanilla. 

Finish: The flavors carry though to the end, leaving you with a delicious candied honey finish.